Tuesday, December 28, 2010

okay still behind

alright! as always, i am one step behind where i wish i was. But work is moving, so it's going on. the beat sheet is done, but for some reason i've not sent it out yet. i'm rigging the monsters now, and hopefully i wont lose incentive, even though my butt's on fire :/ it's an odd feeling.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So... The progress is chugging along!

Finished updating the sound sheet today... but that beat sheet is still needing to be scanned. Then it's off David K to see if he wont shout at me for being so tardy and slowww. :( The rigs are slow too... the feeling i'm getting here is that they need to be done! But this happened:

Christmas: hey! you should chill out for a while, pig out and get fat and not productive

me: hey that sounds good

New years: hey I'm almost here! how about some relaxing time?

intuos4 in the mail: hey why dont you just wait around,,, until i get there so you can play with all mah buttons ;)

Me: no you are the demons!

Protfolio: No, YOU ARE TEH DEMONS YOU dont has portfolio

and then i was without film assets or portfolio.

and so i'm trying to move against.. that. but motivationon the film is slow since the festvities have me seeking warmth in friends and family. but to the cold ruthless machine, that is weaaaakkk.

cubicle monster bides his time... he shall grow stronger :( but like Yoda says, "not if anything to say about it I HAVE"

Friday, December 17, 2010

well, it's about time.

So... you're here because I called you here? Most likely. No one else know this site exists. Because i havent told them yet. Right now this is just a blog between you and me.

So won't we begin to work together, to bring this cubicle monster to its knees? or rather, to life? will you help me bring this film to its full potential, so that you will never have to hear me whine and beg and moan about how bad my film is (well it's coming along... and you're on the project now, so it's already 100% better! potentially.)

Let's get some sound/music/visuals/animation/set construction/film rocking!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nothing new today...

Finally finished up setting the beach shots. How i just gotta set up the new ending office shots and i should be ready to re-edit, and recut! it should take tomorrow. It. SHOULD. If you find out that i didn't do it, then there will be much shaming.

Things that popped up at me that i need to do apart from the many other other things i have to do.
: the Office chair should be rigged.
-the telephone need wires.
-setup the rigs for the beach victims.
- cry. because there's not so much time left.

okay the last one I wont do because i'm an occasional user of apostrophes and because then i won't be considered macho.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


So i did Bob's mouth Rig today...I think i got the shapes i need for his expressions... Have not added in controls for the Mouth yet, so it's all dialing in the blends right now. Set driven keys and NURBS tomorrow? Time will tell.
I also fixed the lights in his eyes. They now shine like coals(well, coal is really kinda dull right? are we talkin' charcoal? i'd think it's more like slate? can we all agree on black reversi pieces?)
anyways, the goal is to make him look like he has a soul. Even if he's an office drone.

One thing that i will log that i overlooked is the bevel on his glasses' outer rims. That bevel is seen in the inside of the frames, but is lost when it reaches the outer edges. I really wish i caught that before i made all those blend shapes for the glasses. It would have brought out that bit of rim highlight on his glasses. Ah well, it's done with.

And as it is 2:30 over here and i'm feeling particular chatty despite my freezing hands, How are you enjoying the background? it's a stock image from the Google templates. It kinda relates, but i see those line of decrepit trees on the left here that kind look like a storm passed through recently and ripped some foliage off that tree line. So this isn't Bob's paradise, but i don't really have a matte painting for that scene yet, so the world is not perfect. Speaking of which i need a matte painter. and speaking OF that i need to Get working on prelim mattes for the scene.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

bob. not the best employee.


and i'll have to spruce this place up. It's kinda boring (understatement, kinda been ignoring this blog for sooooo long.) Depends on the season.

What i did today...

So I'm updating today because i feeel like i did something worthy of posting. and also to force myself into doing something worth posting.

Nothing visual just to say that i scale-proofed the Bob rig. Well sorta. His Back Scaling expression doesnt scale, because it requires the arclen of the spineCurve, which will be variable then on how much Bob is scaled for each scene. Because the arclen would change, there would have to be a way to either make a button to set the default arclen for each scene after the animator has Bob at the right size, or update continuously the arclen.

But, the latter renders squash and stretch useless, and the former would require a button. This means installing a shelf script, which means packaging a script for the rig.

I've decided that since I'm gonna be setting up the shot for each scene anyways, the rig should arrive at the animator's lap with the correct scale, since i'll adjust it in scene in blocking.

So no button, no extra script, bob is scale-proof!

(PLEASE tell me if you find another solution that is more efficient, or if my logic is broken.)

So tl;dr, Bob is scale proof.

Soon to start on making his mouth move, and then onto Sexy Sue and Stud Steve!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

senior Project!

"BUT.. where is the blog?"

More to come... lol