Sunday, December 5, 2010


So i did Bob's mouth Rig today...I think i got the shapes i need for his expressions... Have not added in controls for the Mouth yet, so it's all dialing in the blends right now. Set driven keys and NURBS tomorrow? Time will tell.
I also fixed the lights in his eyes. They now shine like coals(well, coal is really kinda dull right? are we talkin' charcoal? i'd think it's more like slate? can we all agree on black reversi pieces?)
anyways, the goal is to make him look like he has a soul. Even if he's an office drone.

One thing that i will log that i overlooked is the bevel on his glasses' outer rims. That bevel is seen in the inside of the frames, but is lost when it reaches the outer edges. I really wish i caught that before i made all those blend shapes for the glasses. It would have brought out that bit of rim highlight on his glasses. Ah well, it's done with.

And as it is 2:30 over here and i'm feeling particular chatty despite my freezing hands, How are you enjoying the background? it's a stock image from the Google templates. It kinda relates, but i see those line of decrepit trees on the left here that kind look like a storm passed through recently and ripped some foliage off that tree line. So this isn't Bob's paradise, but i don't really have a matte painting for that scene yet, so the world is not perfect. Speaking of which i need a matte painter. and speaking OF that i need to Get working on prelim mattes for the scene.

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