Saturday, December 4, 2010

What i did today...

So I'm updating today because i feeel like i did something worthy of posting. and also to force myself into doing something worth posting.

Nothing visual just to say that i scale-proofed the Bob rig. Well sorta. His Back Scaling expression doesnt scale, because it requires the arclen of the spineCurve, which will be variable then on how much Bob is scaled for each scene. Because the arclen would change, there would have to be a way to either make a button to set the default arclen for each scene after the animator has Bob at the right size, or update continuously the arclen.

But, the latter renders squash and stretch useless, and the former would require a button. This means installing a shelf script, which means packaging a script for the rig.

I've decided that since I'm gonna be setting up the shot for each scene anyways, the rig should arrive at the animator's lap with the correct scale, since i'll adjust it in scene in blocking.

So no button, no extra script, bob is scale-proof!

(PLEASE tell me if you find another solution that is more efficient, or if my logic is broken.)

So tl;dr, Bob is scale proof.

Soon to start on making his mouth move, and then onto Sexy Sue and Stud Steve!


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