Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So... The progress is chugging along!

Finished updating the sound sheet today... but that beat sheet is still needing to be scanned. Then it's off David K to see if he wont shout at me for being so tardy and slowww. :( The rigs are slow too... the feeling i'm getting here is that they need to be done! But this happened:

Christmas: hey! you should chill out for a while, pig out and get fat and not productive

me: hey that sounds good

New years: hey I'm almost here! how about some relaxing time?

intuos4 in the mail: hey why dont you just wait around,,, until i get there so you can play with all mah buttons ;)

Me: no you are the demons!

Protfolio: No, YOU ARE TEH DEMONS YOU dont has portfolio

and then i was without film assets or portfolio.

and so i'm trying to move against.. that. but motivationon the film is slow since the festvities have me seeking warmth in friends and family. but to the cold ruthless machine, that is weaaaakkk.

cubicle monster bides his time... he shall grow stronger :( but like Yoda says, "not if anything to say about it I HAVE"

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